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Friends are often the foundation to all that is good,
that is exactly so for our Vegas tribe.

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In the early weeks of the pandemic, we were anxious, bored, and desperate to stay connected. We began to meet every Wednesday for a “socially distant” happy hour to discuss the events of the past week and where we would go first when things reopened. We were like nomad teenagers in search of the perfect dead-end street that meets the desert or desolate parking lot where we wouldn’t get busted for hanging out!

As the weeks passed, the menus took on different themes to include cocktails from our favorite restaurants … why not elevate our happy hours and have those amazing concoctions we missed so much? We needed something simple and versatile for our get
togethers. The goal was to limit the number of mixers and liquors, achieve maximum
fresh flavor with minimal ingredients, be easy to
use and create an amazing cocktail.  

As life returned to normal, we happily frequented our favorite spots but also experienced an elevated change in what we could create at home …offering that WOW is Symple!

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